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     Please take a moment to read testimonials from our clients and read some of our reviews from other review sites...
     "I am very pleased with Kaeli. She does an excellent job on my hair and I will be a regular customer because of her excellent customer relations and skills in color and styling."

- Antonia
     "Nothing less than AMAZING!! I've been going here for 6 years and will never go anywhere else. Gina is a hair savant. She truly understands the chemistry involved in coloring and takes great care in ensuring that every strand looks perfect. Angela's hair styling is wonderful! I've never left looking anything but picture perfect. And Tony's massages are heavenly! His facials have improved my skin so much. He is incredibly knowledgeable about his craft.

     I highly recommend this saloon. They are not only amazing at what they do, they are also so welcoming and friendly. They make it a wonderful environment and I always look forward to my appointments with them."

- Natalie M.
     "I recently moved to Sac from out of town and tried several salon / shops before stumbling onto Emerald City. There I met Angela and I'm certainly glad I did. She listened to what I had to say about my past experiences and how I thought my hair was messed up from the previous cuts. She explained that she could fix everything. Well, she did just that. I just came back from my 3rd visit with this awesome lady. She has done a fabulous job and I'm hooked on her now, she's very professional and a super sweet lady."

- Charlie B.
     "There aren't many places of business one can look forward to going to these days, for many reasons. One being money, location, time, or the people you will be conducting business with once you arrive. Emerald City Hair Studio is a place of business I look forward to going to each and every time. The price is right, the location is easy to find, and The customer sets the time. But most of all the people who take care of you once you arrive make your time memorable. The service one receives is above five stars.

     Angela is the lady I am fortunate to have do my hair, Each time I leave it's like one of those long good byes that linger when one's saying good bye to family and friends when you don't want to say good bye at all. I'm thankful to Emerald City Hair Studio."

- Judy B.
     "The one stop shop for affordable salon sevices!

     I really have traveled to The Emerald City. The wizard truly does exist. Three of them actually! Gina, Tony, and Angela. I just happened to run across Gina and Tony at Alfred Angelo Bridal in Roseville. While Gina worked a gorgeous up do on my sweaty, post basketball game, hungry, fidgety nine year old with nothing but bobby pins and a brush Tony worked his charm and reeled in my interest about skin care and appearance. They were both professional and fun. So friendly and knowledge in their respective crafts it was hard not to remember their names when deciding who to use for my wedding day needs. The connection was instantly there. I felt at home with this wonderful salon family of three. Angela worked her magic on my nails. The Bio Sculpt is ingenious. Magnificent and long lasting. Perfect for my big day. Tony the wizard he is put my facial worries to ease with the proper treatments and advice for future care. I was fearless on my wedding day. The perfect nails and great skin, what more could I have asked for? That??s the point. I didn??t have to ask for anything. Gina was all over it. From pre-hair care, to make up, to the final result with genuine devotion and sincere efforts to create the look I wanted Gina amazed me. Thanks to her my wedding was a remarkable success. From head to toe she made me shine. Thank you Gina, Angela, and Tony."

- Monica B.
     "After getting a hair cut I was not happy with elsewhere, I decided to give Gina a try. A friend of mine told me about her, so I went to Gina hoping she could help me. I originally was growing my hair out and the person before cut it pretty short, so that put me back in the grow out stage. Gina was amazing! We chatted about what I liked and disliked about hair styles I had in the past, what I wanted my hair to look like once it did grow out etc.. She then started telling me what she thought was going to look good and how I would be able to style it! Once I understood what she was saying she then worked her magic, I got cut and color and l was so happy when I left the shop. I get compliments everywhere I go, which I never get.

     I am hooked and cant wait to go back to see what she does next for me! Thanks Gina!"

- Dani F.
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