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     The Emerald City Hair Studio is a very different kind of Hair Salon. Over 20 years ago, when Angela decided to open this salon, she wanted to create an environment that was happy and easy-going. At the time, she had been salon hopping for eight years looking for the perfect environment to share with her clients; in her past experience, many salons she had worked in ultimately were very stressful and uninviting. She found a salon in Sacramento (off Garfield & Auburn), that was green – from the carpet to the window coverings, chairs, furniture, you name it...it was Green (Emerald Green). She decided to call it Emerald City — it had nothing to do with the famed Wizard or Dorothy, we might add.

     Two years later, she formed a Co-op partnership with two of her stylists... 15 years later, Angela and Kim (of the original three) parted ways. At this time Gina & Tony, her children, joined the team and 7 years later The Emerald City Hair Studio still carries that happy and easy-going environment. We believe that this is mostly due to the wonderful people who populate Emerald City — Our Residents!

     Here at The Emerald City, our Stylists and Skin Care Specialists are the Residents who make up our City. We are a small, tightly knit community of professionals who work hard to ensure our City is welcoming to all of our guests.
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